Tom has been a pleasure to work with and I have been extremely satisfied in his quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a time when so many items are mass-produced, mass-finished, and look the same, it is refreshing to work with someone who takes the time and care to deliver a product that is unique in its design and construction, regardless of a large or small client budget. As an architect who has high expectations for our custom designed and built cabinetry, I recommend Tom and his team to my clients, as well as the contractors with whom we collaborate.
— Kent Greene, Studio Greene (West Seattle)
The most beautifully finished store fixtures and cash wrap counters we have come from Alki Artisan Works. Tom understands exactly what we need and builds in a level of functionality and design that is truly amazing!
— Susan Moss, All the Best Pet Care (Seattle)
Tom built our office and entertainment center cabinetry, as well as our fireplace mantel and some tricky trim pieces. His advice on practical and aesthetic points of design was invaluable, and his craftsmanship superb. The cabinets and drawers are a pleasure to use, and the beautiful piece of wood he found for the mantel has become a conversation piece. We’re grateful to have worked with Tom.
— Mary and Burt R. (Redmond)
Tom transformed our ten foot blank wall into a stunning floor-to-ceiling entertainment system. Now we can display all our treasures on shelves above and house our keepsakes in drawers below. It’s become our favorite part of the house!
— Ira M (Seattle)
Astonished by the detail work that Tom did. Extremely flexible with my schedule, was easy to coordinate and work with. His work embodies true craftsmanship and skill.
— Blair D. (Auburn)